Rao vặt: Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW).

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Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW).

Tin rao Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW) được đăng vào chủ đề Thiết Bị Công Nghiệp, khu vực Hồ Chí Minh , thể loại Cần Bán ngày 20/11/2012 bởi Rao Vat. Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW) đã có tất cả 2 lượt xem.
Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW) - Bản không dấu.
Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW) - Bản có dấu.

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Model CHV110 - Energy Saving Cabinet (7.5kW - 110kW)
CHV110 energy saving cabinet is the special inverter for the Injection molding machine. It takes full advantage of vector control technology to avoid the influencing product cycle time problem of V/f control mode; meanwhile it can save more energy. It can be used for air compressor, central air - conditioning system and escalator...
- Control mode: Sensorless Vector Control (SVC), V/F Control.
- Frequency source: compare pressure and flow signals output.
- Fast current limiting function, with an instantaneous impulse current as high as 300%.
- Overload capability up to 180%/30 seconds.
- Automatic reset and power failure reset function.
- Integrated structure with dual-loop conversion circuit, ensure no system fault and no influence upon production.
- Protection IP21.
- Multiple signal inputs: 0 - 1A, 0 - 10V, 4 - 20mA, 0 - 20mA.
- Larger torque at low frequency.
- RS - 485 communication function; Unique PWM optimized design, efficient operation, with an energy saving efficiency as high as 25% to 60%.
- Full range protection such as phase failure, overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent independent air duct design, providing better heat dissipation effect.
- Preventing electrostatic dusts from causing damage to electronic components; Small size, easy to install, user - friendly structure design; compact structure.
- Buit-in DC reactor (18.5kW - 75kW).
- Speed trace function: Start running motor smoothly.
- Strong anti - jamming capability.
- Compact size, easy installation.

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